Teaching Information

Thank you for looking over my teaching information. If you like what you see and are considering engaging me as an instructor, I'd like to offer a few suggestions:

About Face, Pictorial Applique and Pieced Pictures are my favorite workshops to teach because I consider those my specialties. However, the other workshops offered are also fine workshops. Since About Face and Pictorial Applique have complicated subject matter I really do feel that 2 or more days of this class are needed to really get down the technique and get into the students' projects. In the 2 or more day format, students can design their own quilts, whereas a project is provided for the 1 day class so the student can work through the layering process.

If you have any questions feel free to call or email. I am much more efficient when dealing with phone calls.

General Information


Workshop fees: $650 per day / 6 hour class, $375 for 3 hour class*

Lecture/Slide Show fee: $400*

*Fees are subject to change - check before writing contract.

A minimum of $1200 in scheduled workshops and/or lectures is required for any booking that requires airline travel or an overnight stay. Groups are welcome and encouraged to make arrangements with neighboring groups to share costs for minimum fees and travel. It is more worthwhile for me to have more lectures and/or workshops during any one trip.

Enrollment: Workshops should have no more than 20 participants. Special arrangements can be made for a maximum of 25 only if the room and seating accommodations allow for a comfortable situation with plenty of elbow room. There will be a $15 (3 hour) / $25 (full day) charge for each participant over the limit of 20. There is no limit on attendance at lectures.

Transportation & Lodging: The sponsoring group is responsible for the cost of all transportation, baggage fees, lodging and meals during the teaching engagement, including ground transportation and airport parking fees. I live 20 minutes from the Salt Lake International Airport. I have a very strong preference for staying in hotel rooms, but will accept accommodations in a private home as long as it is a non-smoker's home with no children or cats and I require that a guest bedroom (no sofa beds, please!) and bathroom be provided for my use only during the stay. Another requirement for stay in a private home is that I do not evict any other person(s) from their bedroom during my stay. The sponsor is not expected to pay for personal expenses. I prefer not to have idle days between workshops and/or lectures; if this is necessary we will need to discuss the arrangements and there may be additional fees.

Contract: If you are curious about my contract terms, you can check out an example of my standard contract here.