These are garments created over the years by Charlotte.

Galatea Adorned

2008 Bernina Fashion Show garment made of silk with intricately pieced rectangles, featuring set in corners.

Winter in Dijon, a Melange a Mustards

2006 Bernina Fashion Show garment. Coat features silk dupioni squares that have been felted into wool. Dress has faux prairie point edges.

The Illustrated Man

2005 Bernina Fashion Show. This garment from 2005 was one of only 2 in the entire Fairfield and Bernina Shows that were made for men. It is white wool with digitized machine embroidery of drawings done by my son, Davyn Andersen. Red silk dupioni shirt also has embroidery.

Josephine's Amazing Neutral Colored Dreamcoat

Creme de la creme award of the 2003 Bernina Fashion Show.

Fabrics: Silk dupioni, silk habatoi, silk charmeuse and devorè satin. Construction techniques used: Computerized machine embroidery, foundation piecing, inverted sheer gores, 65 yards of bias binding.

Neon Mango

2002 Bernina Fashion Show.

Fabrics: Cotton and rayon velvet, silk dupioni. Construction techniques used: Computerized machine embroidery, cord couched with decorative stitching, foundation piecing for yoke of camisole.

Mary to the Max

1999 Fairfield Fashion Show.

Fabrics: Silk noil, silk jacquard. Construction techniques used: Decorative machine embroidery, fused machine applique, strip piecing.

Funky Diva

1994 Fairfield Fashion Show.

Fabrics: Wool, Ultrasuede, Polyester/metallic blend. Construction techniques used: wool raw edges blunted together then covered with Ultrasuede strips applied with a decorative stitch, strip piecing.

Miro to Go - Orgy in the Tangerine Tree

1991 Fairfield Fashion Show.

Fabrics: Silk noil, lame, cotton plisse, ribbon. Construction techniques used: Fused machine applique, satin stitching, twisted ribbon faggoting.

Every Which Way and Loose

First Place - 1991 AQS/Hobbs Style Show.

Fabrics: Wool, silk noil. Construction techniques used: Piecing to create fabric for body of coat, piecing to fit for collar and facing.

Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away

Second Place- 1990 AQS/Hobbs Style Show.

Fabrics: Wool, polyester, Ultrasuede, leather, silk broadcloth, tapestry fabric. Construction techniques used: Hand and machine applique, both sides of tapestry fabric used, random free form stitching on skirt.

Brother Can You Spare a Diamond, This Dish is in a Pickle

1990 Fairfield Fashion Show.

Fabrics: Silks, silk noil, polyester, lame Construction. Techniques used: Piecing to fit, machine applique.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

1988 Fairfield Fashion Show.

Fabrics: Polyester ottoman, polyester dress fabric, lame. Construction techniques used: Strip piecing.

Sew Hip to Be Square

1987 Fairfield Fashion Show.

Fabrics: Polyester. Construction techniques used: Strip piecing, inset squares.

Geese Vest