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A Cotton Palette - Picture Quilts

A discussion of quilts as art and slide lecture featuring pictorial and representational quilts. Every picture tells a story and these pictorial quilts run the gamut from simple to masterworks, from hilarious to awe-inspiring.

It's Got the Look

Fabrics, chosen with a painterly eye, are used to creatively enhance subject matter—it applies to both contemporary and traditional quilts, but especially to pictorial quilts. We'll look at the fabrics and the resulting pieces that were cut from them. The aim is to gain new approaches and attitudes toward purchasing fabric.

Stitching the Human Form

A look at humanity and the way it has been portrayed in the fiber medium. Viewing examples, explore representative and abstract work through the methods, manipulations and manifestations of fabric and thread as paint.

Charlotte's Scrapbag

This lecture is a series of humorous ramblings about the relations between fabric collecting, quiltmaking, dealing with non-quilters and family, and everyday living.

A Quilter’s Progression (Version 1)

After 30 years on the quilt teacher circuit, I will discuss my life as quilter and talk about my body of work. The audience will be involved by the sometimes intense, technical and intellectual development of skills and formats involved in my processes. And hopefully I will throw in a few laughs along the way.

A Quilter’s Progression (Version 2)

After 30 years on the quilt teacher circuit, I have a large enough body of work that I can dedicate a lecture to my creations and life as a quilter. Spend an entertaining hour listening to the personal, laugh-out-loud adventures of a quiltmaker who is also a wife and mother.

Who Am I to Judge?

We all have different attitudes about our abilities and creativity we have embedded in our quilts. It ranges from a fear of showing quilts off to the world to being extremely competitive and feeling the needing win. I will share with you my experience and my transitions over 35 of loving quilt shows.

It's a Zoo in Here

All of us admire, are amazed or utterly love the creatures we share with this precious earth. Many quilters exhibit these feelings in the art they create of our friends whether animal, avian, amphibian or anthropod.

Equipment Needed for Lectures: Let me know if your organization has an LCD projector available; otherwise I will bring my own. Provide 2 long extension cords. A large screen – consider the size of the audience, microphone depending on group size/room acoustics, lectern if available, reading light, a glass of water.