Colonial Needle Holster with Pack of Needles


Colonial Needle Holster with Pack of Needles


Colonial Needle Holster for Quick Needle Change.

  • No more searching for machine needles!
  • The clear plastic, self-stick clip mounts to the front of your sewing machine to hold the needle container right at eye level for quick change of needles.
  • Marker included to remind you which needle is in the machine.
  • Use multiple Needle Holsters to keep your most frequently used needles at your fingertips.
  • Now with machine needles.
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This is a rather odd but useful notion. I have trouble keeping track of which type of machine needle I currently have in my sewing machine. This solves the problem. Simply stick this device on to an open area on the front of your machine, and then place the pack of needles that you selected your needle from in the holder. It also comes with a pack of various sizes of Colonial machine needles.